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Download AdwCleaner v7.0.7.0 - Easily remove all kinds of malware and ad elements from the system Always ads, malware,
and Internet harassing on computers cause users to be dissatisfied. Sometimes they can be prevented from installing, but in some cases they are automatically installed, causing a lot of disturbance and frustration. From this category, you can point to a variety of toolbars. Which is often installed on Windows when installing software with the program, and sometimes it changes many settings, such as a search engine or homepage, but the impact of such software is just that. It does not end there, sometimes these malware are targeted Spyware or security are designed and released, which greatly affects system, network, and user security. As a consequence, in order to maintain the security and privacy of users, software has been introduced to remove malware from the system and prevent such malware Stay in Windows.

AdwCleaner is a small, compact, freeware, yet smart and robust software whose task is to accurately search the system for any malware and adware and intruder elements, this software has all the traces and the remaining elements of the software as well as the advertising agents It searches them in the form of a list to the user and the user can easily remove all of them in one click.
Key features of AdwCleaner software:
- Identify all types of adware elements, or Adware, and remove all of them.
- Identify all types of unwanted software such as PUP and LPI and remove all of them.
- Identify all types of toolbars or toolbars, such as the Google Toolbar or the Ask Toolbar, and delete them all.
Identify all sorts of malicious software and hijackers, and eliminate all of them.
- Identify the traces and remaining elements of the software in the Windows registry and delete all of them.
- Ability to quarantine quarantine or destructive system factors before deleting them.
- Ability to remove the program after clearing the system.
- Ability to update automatic and simple software.
- Compatibility with all versions of Windows.
- Compact, free and easy and easy to use software application.

But what exactly does the software remove from the system?
The scope of this software includes four things:

First, adware or adware elements of the software, which includes programs that are purely for advertising and not actually functional, and are usually added to the system when installing some software and constantly displaying specific advertisements to the user.

The second is Potentially Undesirable Program (PUP / LPI), which includes software that the user does not need, but this software will automatically download and install some software on the system. Install and modify the system, such as running various processes in Windows that ultimately slow down the system.

The third consists of toolbars or toolbars, which are usually installed as add-ons on browsers and add a tape to the browser for easier access to the site, such software not only speeds up the system and the browser They are considered a security threat to the system.

Fourth, it includes hijackers or hijackers, which then install malicious programs on the system and perform tasks such as switching the Home Page or Search Engine and creating system crashes.

This software marks these malwares by searching in different parts of the system, such as their location and windows registry, and allows the user to easily remove them from the system.

Required system

Windows operating systems: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium
Memory: 512 Mb of RAM
Free disk space: 50 MB

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