Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus + Internet Security v11.0.159.5 x86 / x64

Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus + Internet Security v11.0.159.5 x86 / x64 / ESET NOD32 Smart Security v.10.x Trial Version - Antivirus and Smart Security Software Nine 32
ESET is one of the most famous companies that has been active in the field of security products for more than 20 years. The company, which has been operating in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia since 1992, has been able to capture the satisfaction of more than 100 million users.

The company has introduced two products named ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus for home network security, each designed for a specific purpose. The company's products, with numerous awards over the past few years, have repeatedly been named the best antivirus of the year. We have many users in our products with their unique features in Iran, which will be followed by a full introduction of both products of this company.

Key features of ESET security software:
- Ability to identify and remove a range of malicious files
- Has powerful firewall and control the input content from the Internet to the system
- Take advantage of behavioral and cloud search simultaneously
- Has the ability to search and detect emails infected with malicious files
- Securing electronic banking and online shopping sites
- Manage and restrict the access of other users to the system

ESET's unique security features:
- Device Control feature: Some viruses secretly copy the user's personal and personal information to external devices, and without the user seeing out, a huge amount of its hard drive information is released on other devices; this exclusive technology Makes any file copied or deleted without the user's permission.

- Social Media Protection feature: By blocking profiles of fraudsters and fraudsters on social networks, it ensures your complete security on these networks to keep track of Internet fraudsters.

- Small System Footprint: This ability to save energy and extend the life of other system components by centralizing the system's power to everyday and everyday applications.

Anti-Theft: This feature allows the user, in the event of a lost laptop or system, to be able to scan all system information and track the last identified location anywhere in the world.

- Botnet Protection: One of the situations where the system is infected is to be found in an infected network, which is very common, mainly in wireless and WiFi networks; this program prevents the system from being infected in an infected network.

- Antispam capability: Anti-spam capabilities are now integrated with cloud technology so you can get rid of spam and email alerts better and faster than ever before.

- Parental Control: This feature allows the system administrator to restrict access to and control of other users, such as children and children, in the Internet or even Windows.

What is the difference between Antivirus and Smart Security?
The Antivirus version is a complete security package for the system and is capable of dealing with any malicious system in the system and is very suitable for offline systems that do not have Internet access, but the Smart Security version, in addition to all the features of Antivirus, is equipped with a very strong firewall. It controls all Internet transactions and does not allow any infected files to enter the system from the Internet.

In short, the Smart Security version is suitable for people who regularly deal with the Internet and visit many sites. These people, like many Internet exchanges, must be careful about their system's input and output data, so as not to endanger their security. .

Compare different versions of this app:
- ESET NOD32 Antivirus version:
This version of the program is ESET's first solution, and includes only the following:
1. ESET's powerful antivirus engine
2. Anti-Phishing feature
3. Device Control feature
4. Cloud and behavioral search capabilities
5. Social Network Protection
6. Small System Footprint
7. Automatic software update feature

Windows 8.x, 7, Vista, Home Server:
- 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
- 512 MB (1 GB for Vista x64) RAM of system memory
- 320 MB available space
- Super VGA (800 × 600)

Windows XP SP3:
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 is required for best performance
- 400 MHz 32-bit (x86)/ 64-bit (x64) processor
- 128 MB RAM of system memory
- 320 MB available disk space
- Super VGA (800 × 600)

Installation guide
1. Download and install the software.
2. This software does not have any crack or activator, and now the only legal way to use it is to purchase legal license of this software. To purchase its license, refer to this page.
3. In the new version of ESET, you must first go to the following page:
By entering your username and password for your legal license, get your own License Key and enter into the software.

Note: If your licensing is legal, you will not be able to get your own License Key and you will not be able to use version 9! This new change in ESET software is used to deal with fraudulent profits that sell counterfeit licenses to users instead of the main license.

Download links

Note: The following download links are provided directly from ESET's site, if ESET products have already been installed on your system or have installed non-original ESET products, the following links may not work. !

Information about NOD32 Antivirus v11.x

Trial Version Download Trial Version Download

Internet security version v11.x

Trial Version Download Trial Version Download

Smart Security v10.x version information

Trial Version Download Trial Version Download

Note that PC sales are the official selling agent of ESET in Iran, and the provided licenses are completely legal, you receive updates from ESET's main servers, and with fake licenses available on the market by the profitable individuals and with the launch of personal update servers. The presentation is different.
Get the latest updates safely by buying legal licenses, and get rid of the pain of finding crack and serial numbers and manual updates!

Rar file password is

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