Download HyperSnap v8.16.02

Download HyperSnap v8.16.02 - Screen capture software
If you have any reason to think of taking a screenshot or whatever is visible on your computer screen, you will have to use HyperSnap software.
 HyperSnap is a professional software for snapshots from your computer screen (Windows screen). This software is a combination of a photo capture program with a tool for editing photographs. With this app, you can create custom images in your designed help system, online tutorials, guides, tutorials, exercises, shows, marketing topics, web pages, emails, and more. HyperSnap also has the ability to share photos fast.
With this software, you can capture texts where there is no way to copy the texts to the clipboard. Use HyperSnap to capture and share all the content on your Windows screen.

The most prominent features of this software include taking pictures from any desired page, importing images and pages from the hard disk to the application screen, the ability to customize menus and toolbars, making keyboard shortcuts easier to control the program, making toolbars quick , Software control with voice and speech commands, photo editing and annotation tools, taking pictures of DirectX and Glide games, making images of images, uploading images to FTP servers, automatically replacing colors, copying and attaching Photos taken anywhere, auto-save images in graphic files, convert picture format and support With 20 video formats and so on.

Key Features of HyperSnap Software:
- Has the necessary tools for photography, editing, annotation and manipulation
- Problem taking pictures of DirectX ™ and Glide ™ games
- Marking, framing, shading, free photography
- Automatic color insertion
- Ability to edit text from anywhere on the page
- Ability to customize menus and toolbars
- Ability to add shadows to drawn stuff
- Take pictures without taking the rectangular shape
- Having a special button for shooting
- Ability to capture images larger than screens
- Ability to copy and paste
- Ability to automatically save images as graphic files
- Supports 20 different photo formats
- Full personalization
- All content on the Windows page
- Ability to upload images to FTP servers
- Ability to resize for images larger than screens (in Windows XP)

Installation guide
1. Install the software and then run it.
2. Run the Keygen.exe file from within the Keygen folder and then generate a serial number after entering the name.
3. Run the software. Click the Help menu on the license to automatically register the software.

Download links

Download 32-bit version - 11.9 megabytes

Download the 64-bit version - 12.8 megabytes

Rar file password is

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