Download Kaspersky Offline Update 2018-01-20

Download Kaspersky Offline Update 2018-01-20 - Offline updates for Kaspersky Products
Receive an offline update of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security

It should be noted that Kaspersky has disabled the ability to update its products through the offline file for versions 8 to 2015 (versions 2015). Therefore, the offline update files provided for versions 7 (2013 and 2012 and 2015) are available.

How to make settings to use Kaspersky Update:
1. First, unzip the file.
2. Go to the Open folder and copy the Update folder to your favorite path like Drive D.
3. Click Settings in Internet Security or Anti-Virus. Go to the third tab, Update Center. Click Update Settings. In the Update Source section, click Settings.
4. Click Add and select the Update folder from the D drive and click OK. Listed in the list. Uncheck the Kaspersky Lab update server option and click OK. OK again.
5. Go to the Update section in the application and click Run Update.

Important Note:
If you want to re-use the update online, you must select Kaspersky Lab update servers.

1. This file is tested on the 2012 version 12.0.374 and may work on higher editions and of course 2010 too.
2. This update does not prevent the Blacklist from turning off the keys and does not fix your need for the new Key.
3. The file is compressed to the maximum.

Download links

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Offline Update - 556 MB

Download Caspersonec Internet Security Online Offline Update - 567 MB

Rar file password is
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