Download Maxthon Cloud Browser v5.1.5.3000

Download Maxthon Cloud Browser v5.1.5.3000 - Internet browser application with special features
The Maxthon Cloud Browser is one of the most powerful browsers that has the Tab attribute, the Maxthon lookup environment is quite flexible, its browser's specific features make it different from other web browsers, Maxthon runs on an Internet Explorer engine, and this This means that you will see the sites in Maxthon the same way you see them in Internet Explorer, but with more features and capabilities.

Key features of Maxthon software:
- Tabbed Browsing feature
- Control by mouse movement
(You can apply different commands by pressing the mouse and moving the mouse in different directions)
- Drag & Drop feature
- Remove internet advertising
- RSS reader application
- Supports Internet Explorer plug-ins
- External external toolbar
- Support for different skins
- Tabbed Browsing Interface Simultaneous browsing of multiple web pages in one window:
 Maxthon uses a powerful grid interface for browsing the Internet. With this interface, you can open multiple sites in one window without bustling Windows Taskbar. In this mode, it's easier to browse, because information about the amount of space uploaded from the site is visible at the top of the table.
- Mouse Gestures Mouse Gestures:
 Give your browser your mouse! By activating the motif expressiveness feature of the mouse, you can order a browser by grabbing a mouse button and moving it to one side. The moves represent another revolutionary mouse in the Internet browsing industry. Some people say this is similar to doing Kung Fu with a mouse.
- Super Drag & Drop Special Drag & Drop:
Maxthon has created a new revolution in speeding the browsing of web pages, so that you just have to drag and drop a link to open it in a new table, you can put the link anywhere on the page as well as if it's a text Select it and place it anywhere on the web by looking for your default search engine.
- Privacy Protection Protecting Your Personal Information:
You can delete past clicks; cookies and pages that are recorded by the program; clear passwords and .. You can also set it to be cleared by the start or closing of the Maxthon to make a work of your actions. Instead of staying
- Favorites bar:
Maxnet adds a Favorites bar to your application environment, where you can access the links folder in your Favorites folder or any folder you want to access.
- AD Hunter - The Annoying Ads Hunter of the Internet
Sudden pages, floating pages, promotional images, flash ads and ... All are all annoying things, but with the hunter of ads, they are all comfortable. This program can block all ads (even within the site) and make it easy for you.
- Support Googe lBar Full support for the Google Toolbar:
 Can you install Google Toolbar on a browser other than the Internet Explorer Explorer? The answer is good, but for Maxnet, it's the answer, because Maxthon fully supports the Google Toolbar. An external application bar with Macstone You can run a program with a few simple clicks on your system, and you can even set them to start and run with MaxTone and also close with the Mac.
- Skins Switching Browser Skins:
 Maxthon uses resilient skins to make it look prettier. As well as shells, icons also change. The designers of this browser have put more than 300 shells on this web site and allow users to select and change their desired layout. Gives your taste.
- Binder Finding Keywords by Finder Bar:
 Using this feature, after completing the search, all words related to the word searched on websites are color-coded and help the user to get to his own answer.

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