Download SpeedCommander v17.30.8900 x86 / x64

Download SpeedCommander v17.30.8900 x86 / x64 - File Management Software

 Many users use different file management software developed by different companies to manage their files and folders on the hard disk.
SpeedCommander is a powerful tool for managing files, sorting files, copying, moving, and deleting files without using a mouse or keyboard. The program comes with 2 proven technology windows with unique and unique features. Uses.
SpeedCommander shows the files in a two-part view, meaning the start and end of the operation is visible on the file, and increases the efficiency of the work compared to Windows Explorer. This program increases the speed of surfing in FTP files and servers.

With this software users can easily manage their files and folders on the hard drive using the tools in the program. This program directly supports various compression file extensions. In addition to having the features of the Windows Browser, it offers you fantastic features to manage your files. This program always improves the browsing speed of folders, archives and FTP servers. This program fully supports the Zip archives, Microsoft cached files, and 13 additional compression extensions. Namely, you can open files with the 13 recognized compression extensions or create files with them. WinCeFS technology allows you to access PDA devices through ActiveSync.
The internal file viewer shows more than 80 kinds of video and text files. In addition, SpeedCommander includes a powerful text editor with many additional tools. An integrated FTP client supports FTP, FTP via SSH (SFTP), FTP via SSL. With an integrated FTP client, you can download files from the network and upload your web pages. SpeedCommander is also available in a 64-bit version for Windows XP (X64). This software is a product of jds-software.

Key Features of SpeedCommander:
- Technology has two windows in which windows can be arranged vertically or horizontally
- Manage files on the hard disk
- View the details of each file next to that one click
- Ability to use the windows of the software
- Ability to simulate the program environment in the form of NC software
- The ability to use the Macro tool to perform specific commands at the required times
- FTP support
- View multiple folders in a folder pane
- Multiple browsing modes for folders in a single window
- Quick access to the internal network, Internet and Ftp
- Direct support of a variety of compression formats 7Z, RAR, SQX, ZIP
- Preview many file formats
- Several file renaming tools
- Ability to display all existing files, including system files and hides
- Quick and easy search application
- Flexible editor for text files

Installation guide
1. Install the software and then run it.
2. Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder and generate the serial number.
3. Register the software with the information generated by Keygen.

Download links

Download 32-bit version - 22.2 MB

Download the 64-bit version - 24.5 megabytes

Rar file password is

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