Download SplitView 2018 - Software management and split one or more screens

Many users, including graphic designers, programmers, designers, and even home users, have a lot of desire to connect and work with multiple screens,

as it allows for faster speed and performance, and allows the user to That unit will carry out several processes without screen congestion and collapse of windows, and, moreover, when working with a single screen, and with the increasing number of windows, managing them will be time consuming and frustrating. SplitView is a powerful software for controlling, resizing and moving popup windows between multiple screens or one screen. While using this software, you have no limits on the number of monitors and you can control more than 4 monitors simultaneously. This software can be used to simplify management and split one or more screens. The user is also able to work with multiple monitors in remote services such as Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop.

Key Features of SplitView Software:
- Ability to move windows in different directions
- View the taskbar completely in all screens
- Has different settings for resizing windows
- Control and work simultaneously with over 4 monitors
- Work with multiple monitors in remote services
- Automatically detects connected monitors
- Manage windows in just one screen
- Open and enlarge each window in a single screen

SplitView is becoming very popular lately for using dual-monitors with remote desktop programs like Citrix, Remote Desktop or Radmin.
It turns out that two monitors isn’t enough for a lot of people - many users have asked us for support for three, four or even more monitors with remote desktop! We are happy to oblige.
We have just released an update to SplitView that lets you use three, four or even more(!) monitors with remote desktop (Microsoft’s RDP, Citrix, Radmin) in addition to the dual-monitor support that has already existed.

Using Remote Desktop with multiple-monitors
One of the new features of the Terminal Server/Remote Desktop client in Windows Vista is the support for multiple monitors. This feature is also available in the Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP.

If the client computer has multiple monitors, then the remote session can span over all monitors, creating a large virtual desktop that covers all monitors. For users who are already using multiple monitors, this is a big enhancement as now they can effectively use all their monitors in a remote session.

Installation guide

1. Install the software.
Enter the Crack folder and run the registry file to fit your system (32-bit / 64-bit).
3. Run the software.

Download links

Download - 1.15 MB

Download crack (alone)

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